What We Can

Full Packing Service

Our team of skilled packers will pack everything including fragiles, non fragiles, loft and garage contents.

Fragile Pack

Anything breakable, such as china, ornaments, lamps, etc., in fact anything that is delicate and breakable

Non-Fragile Pack

Everything non fragile will be professionally packed, such as DVD’s, clothes, food stuffs, etc.

Unpacking Service

We offer a part or full unpacking service, ensuring you start the settling in process that little bit quicker.

Packed By Service

In this instance, all packing of boxes is carried out by the client. Clients can choose either to use their own materials or if necessary we can provide boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper delivered direct to the door in advance. 

Packing Service

We pack all fragile / breakable items include china, glassware, ornaments, pictures, lamps and small electrical items, etc. using our own cartons and materials.

Packing Service

with our full packing service, our team of skilled packers arrive at an arranged date and time and will pack everything: fragile items (as above) and also non-fragiles such as DVDs, books, linen, foodstuffs, toys, etc

Packing Cost Per

If you’re are unsure how much, or indeed what packing service you require, we can simply give a price per box for us to pack. Keep in touch with us as we approach moving day to allow us to allocate the necessary time required – and on the day of your move our team will arrive with packing materials and will pack any residual items prior to commencement of loading.

Full or Part Unpacking Service

We can carry out a full or partial unpacking service where we unpack and place items in their designated place